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Our Founding Fore Fathers:

Jack Pleimann & Mick Finn began this all on Oct. 2nd 1960 @ the Old Sportsman Park with the Big Red losing  35 - 14 to the NY Giants, 47 years later they are still going strong!
Mick & Jack are unique in their own special ways:
Mick is the self proclaimed "Toughest Son of A Bitch on Earth" Who has been known to prove it by smearing his face in the gravel just in case no one believed him. Mick is our official Hot Dog cooker who takes special pride in his special tecnique of "Slow Cooking" the dogs to keep them tender.
Jack is basically worn out from his years & years of getting Mick out of trouble??? Jack is the prankster of the group, but somehow most of his pranks have been on Mick? Somehow I don't feel sorry for either of them!
Ann Finn- With out Ann we all would be so lost, she's our Mother when we need one, She's our friend and for some reason she keeps coming back from all the abuse that Jack has sent her way over the years, Ann we love you and look so forward to seeing you & Mick on Football Sundays.
Over the years Jack & Mick have slowly handed things off to the next generation:

Here they are in no special order-
Jeff Pleimann, (Jacks Oldest son) aka-"Pushkins, Snoogylumps, Cow or Ass ****"(by his brothers), Jeff is just another grunt man along with Ron & Chris. Jeff has recently been lobbying the NFL to push all game times back to 5:00 PM (He works hard and needs his sleep).
Ron Pleimann, Better known as the straight man in his and Chris's Comedy Duo. Ron is at the heart of every Tailgate Party, Making sure every beer is cold, Tents are up, the fire is made, heaters are gassed up, Etc.  All the while giving full credit to Mick and Jack for allowing him to do so... Ron has the rare disticion of always being the first to arrive and the last to leave. He also is unique in the fact that
he has never missed a Rams home game (although he has missed many of his Childrens births, birthdays ,He may have even missed the conception? Weddings, etc.)
Chris "Frank" Pleimann, Chris has basically held every position on the Entertainment Committee, Some might say he is the entertainment. Chris is professionally trained by the famous "Hans Leebowitz"
at the world famous Leebowitz Acadamy of Dance in Europe. Chris is best known for inventing the "Step Touch". Chris enjoys his time working with many charities... The homeless, (Dancing with the homeless) & his work with the Unwed Mothers of the area.
Mark Perry, There is really not much to say about Mark, but we do like to remind him of the Famous Ass Kicking That He Took back in 1980 while Ron was checking the air in the tires after the Big Red game that day, Man you should have seen his face beat the crap out of their fist.
There are so many more, so as the year goes on we will add to the list.

THE ORION COOKER: If You're Lookin' You Ain't Cookin'